victoria. 15
I wonder what he dreams about. Perhaps my arms that hold him tight

Blood Moon (Lunar Eclipse)

Photo’s I took at aprox 10:15pm EST 8/10/2014

I think there’s a pretty good chance that things are  n e v e r  going back to normal.

this sounds crazy, but my goal is to be nominated for an Oscar. I was the kid who was practicing my acceptance speech when I was ten.

I thought that it would be a thing when they first heard about me, and then it would stop being a thing, but no, I’ve been in some situations where people have treated me like a fascinating toy. You know, it’s just like an interesting kind of fun thing to have a play with. It’s very weird for me. I feel like a tiny baby. But it’s all relative: when you’re my age in particular, every year feels like a massive change. The difference between 15 and 17 is colossal for everyone.